Emotion and cognition
are not separate systems, but are intricately connected.
We have to unlearn to change or break habits.
Students succeed or fail by design.


Knowing these facts fundamentally shifts the way we design instruction. Design for the learning brain is an approach to teaching and learning that can be implemented in any context- from classrooms, online courses and content, museum exhibits, brochures, meetings, professional trainings – and more! It integrates a range of research-based frameworks to make a difference for student learning.

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Explore Resources

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•  Schedule a keynote or professional development trainings on emotions & brain. Contact

Change Your Beliefs and Your Classroom
with Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

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•  Schedule a keynote or professional development trainings on strategies to design for equity and inclusion through unlearning. Contact

Share key brain facts with colleagues, parents, and students

•  Try it! Tips to help your child if they are “stuck” in remote learning
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•  Read an interview with Allison: Learning Follows Access, How UDL Can Help your Child
•  Order the Quick Reference Guide from ASCD: The Brain and Learning 

Consultations & Testimonials

Schedule a speaking engagement, training, or consultation (virtual through summer 2021). Topics include emotions and the learning brain (including discussion on implicit bias), unlearning. and ask about the popular simulated neural network! Contact.

“I am already using the ideas from your session to design my course next semester.”

“The connection to brain science deepened my understanding of why my techniques work – or do not work – with my students.”

“Your session had the most impact on my work and your enthusiasm was contagious, thank you.”

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Allison Posey is a curriculum and design specialist at CAST, a non-profit in Wakefield, MA, where she collaborates with educators from across the U.S. and internationally to implement Universal Design for Learning (UDL). She also teaches courses at Lasell University. Prior to her work at CAST, she taught science in high schools and community colleges and earned a certificate in art from the Maryland Institute College of Art and a degree in Mind, Brain, and Education from Harvard Graduate School of Education. Learn more about Allison in this interview, or on Twitter @AllisonAPosey, or by emailing abp977@mail.harvard.edu.